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Holistic Student Focus Group Policy Equity Audit Protocol

Starts: 11-15-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


We are seeking volunteers to use and provide feedback on the Policy Equity Audit Protocol developed under Mt. Sinai’s Racism and Bias Initiative.  The full protocol outlines a four-phase process for reviewing, developing, implementing, and assessing policies over time, and provides a framework for the review based on the “five Ps”: People, Place, Process, Power, Purpose.  It can be used as an over-arching process, or each individual phase can be used separately according to an institution’s needs.  

This tool is a part of a suite of tools and resources we are hoping to include in a Holistic Student Support Resource Hub. The goal of the resource hub is to provide resources schools can use to provide holistic student support across all of the critical junctures of medical school. We define a critical juncture as a specific point in a student’s academic journey that requires the student to meet a predefined performance standard to advance to the next curricular phase. Each juncture serves as a significant milestone for assessing and allowing a student’s progress toward graduation. We would like to include this protocol as a resource to help schools operationalize the holistic student support core principle of implementing structural change. 

We are looking for volunteers to provide us with feedback the challenges and successes associated with adapting this resource at their institution.  We ask that volunteers do the following: 

  1. Read the Case Study: Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Policy Equity Audit Protocol 
  2. Review the Policy Equity Audit Protocol  
  3. Select a policy at your institution to review using the protocol and complete the process outlined in the protocol  
  4. Attend a one-hour focus group meeting with other volunteers about your experience with the case study and protocol  
  5. Complete a feedback form about your experience with the case study and protocol  



Diversity and Inclusion
Medical Education
Student Affairs

Volunteers Needed:

50 (46 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Benita Kornegay-Henry
Association of American Medical Colleges

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